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    • Estrategias para la Divulgación 

      Torres-Flórez, Dagoberto (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2013-11-15)
      GEON journal is born from the needs of the academy to have publication spaces related to the areas of study of Administration and Business. The initiative, responsibility of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University ...
    • Importancia de la Investigación en las Organizaciones 

      Salgado Cifuentes, Wilson Fernando (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2013-11-15)
      The study of organizations, their environment and trends, are a fundamental part in the generation of growth and economic development. The schools of the administrative thought, contribute postulates that are susceptible ...
    • Las Revistas Académicas Electrónicas en Latinoamerica de Administración y Negocios 

      González Melo, Angélica; Novoa Cely, Lorena Fassary (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2013-11-15)
      The beginnings of scientific journals were due to the need for communication between scientists, since the data on which they were based were libraries, laboratories and field work; it was necessary to go to the results ...