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    • Competitividad del Departamento del Meta Frente al Tlc con Europa 

      Meza, Fredy René; Salgado Cifuentes, Wilson Fernando; Leal Céspedes, Juan Carlos (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2013-11-15)
      Market globalization is inevitable, therefore Meta department must be prepared, and the European market is attractive but is going through difficult times economically. The Meta has significant comparative advantages of ...
    • Importancia de la Investigación en las Organizaciones 

      Salgado Cifuentes, Wilson Fernando (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2013-11-15)
      The study of organizations, their environment and trends, are a fundamental part in the generation of growth and economic development. The schools of the administrative thought, contribute postulates that are susceptible ...