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  • Material complementario 

    Carlos Fdo Mateo Omaña Ruiz (2021-03-12)
  • La Generación de Valor Entre las Personas y las Organizaciones 

    Torres-Flórez, Torres-Flórez (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2020-01-20)
    The work of human management is to achieve the generation of value in organizations, for this it must contribute to mediation between management and collaborators, it is necessary that each do their part, since it must be ...
  • Eco Innovación y Tecnología en el Sector de la Energía en la República Dominicana 

    Almánzar Fortuna, Ricardo Joel (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2020-01-20)
    The energy for the development and growth of any country plays an important role, while first-hand input to achieve the transformation of goods and services in the world today. Based on the findings in the 1992 Rio Summit ...
  • Novedosa Herramienta Didáctica para la Conversión de Tasas de Interés Financiero 

    Triana Lozano, Milton Hernando (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2020-01-20)
    The conversion of rates or equivalence of interest rates is the initial and fundamental basis for the proper understanding of the topics of financial mathematics. Traditional methods are all effective (they achieve their ...
  • La Competitividad en una Empresa Forestal Comunitaria 

    Hernandez Bautista, Victor; Duana Avila, Danae; Santiago López, Zenón (Revista GEON (Gestión, Organizaciones y Negocios), 2020-01-20)
    Forest utilization plays a fundamental role for the supply of raw material to the forest industry and the socio-economic development of forest communities, given its natural potential in providing goods and services. There ...

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